We are NOT a Home Owners Association. Highland Terrace Neighborhood Association is a voluntary association that exists to promote a sense of community, neighborhood pride, and civic awareness, to preserve the integrity of our neighborhood, to protect the quality of life in our neighborhood, and to form a base for representation in matters affecting our neighborhood. We are incorporated as a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Texas and registered as a not-for-profit organization.


Setting down roots…

" Highland Terrace created an environment for our family to grow and thrive in and we look forward to setting down roots."

— HTNA Member


Our neighborhood association typically encompasses residents who live or own property in the geographic area of Dallas County, Richardson, Texas, generally bounded by Centennial Boulevard on the south, Greenville Avenue on the west, Apollo Road on the north, and the railroad tracks on the east. Residents within these boundaries are eligible for membership. Whether you own or rent your home, we would love to have you as a member.  


Caring neighbors…

“Mature neighborhood, caring neighbors, safe, peaceful

….so NICE that kids who grew up here buy homes here !!! “ - HTNA Member


We have one of the largest neighborhoods in Richardson. It is vital to the welfare of our neighborhood that we have a large membership body. Our ultimate goal is to have 100% of households enrolled as members. The more members we have as an association, the more impact and influence we have at City Hall for our neighborhood. All money that is collected in the form of membership dues helps to maintain the neighborhood and provide social activities. A few examples of what your dues help pay for are: 

- annual social events
- wildflower planting
- neighborhood entrance signs

All money stays in Highland Terrace, and our most pressing need is to update our HTNA metal signs that you see around our neighborhood. We have taken a poll and most of our residents agree that the easiest form of communication is when we post our signs for an upcoming event. An increase in memberships allows us to purchase and install new signs at additional locations so all residents are kept informed. 

We hope that each resident will consider membership in the HTNA. Thank you for supporting our neighborhood!



We are very excited about all the enthusiasm for the sign toppers in our neighborhood. We hope this provides our neighborhood with the opportunity to work together and beautify the place we call home. The Board has spoken with the City of Richardson and several other Neighborhood Associations. We have approximately 134 street signs in our neighborhood plus or minus a handful. The cost of each sign topper depends on the color and logo which we will need to design and get approved by the city. The best estimate right now is $105 per sign (brackets are included in this cost.) 134 x $105= $14,070 (UPDATED PRICE.) HTNA is designated as a non-profit with the State of Texas; therefore, there will be no tax on the purchase. HTNA Board has decided on a 3-point approach to help accomplish this goal, but it will take all of us to work together in order to achieve the desired outcome.

1. We need to set up Block Captains.

2. We need to determine how many neighbors on each street are willing to donate to the cause.

3. We need to increase membership.

As of today, we have 6 individuals that have already said they would be willing to become Block Captains. The responsibilities of a Block Captain would be limited and are as follows:

• Reach out to the neighborhood on their block to ask for donations and collect money for the sign toppers.

• Reach out to their neighbors to see if they are willing to donate above their $15 yearly dues to get the sign toppers going- any donations would be kept in a separate fund designated specifically for sign toppers.

• Act as a contact for neighbors to come to with any issues to bring before the Board and possibly be taken before the City Council.

• Deliver Newsletters (once a year) door-to-door on your block -HTNA would provide a t-shirt for identity purposes- (at this time the Newsletter is only sent out electronically due to limited number of people to deliver to 1,884 homes.)

• Welcome new individuals and families on your block when they move into the neighborhood.

If you would like to become a block captain, we have made a designated sign up on our website at https://www.htna.org/volunteer.

Finally, one of the quickest ways for us to begin on this project is to get the number of members increased. To date, only 71 households are 2019 HTNA members at the modest cost of $15 per home. According to the City of Richardson, there are 1,884 homes in Highland Terrace neighborhood. If we could increase membership to 50%, we would be in a position to do more for our community! Our job is to be the voice of Highland Terrace for YOU to the City of Richardson, but our voice and influence relies on a healthy number of members (and volunteers) in our Association.


Please consider joining the Highland Terrace Neighborhood Association – Join Today! If you are willing to donate to the sign topper program please email vicepresident@htna.org or you can donate now but designate in the notes that it is for “sign toppers.” Please share this information with any of your friends and neighbors as we are trying to reach as many people as possible. It will take all of us working together to accomplish this goal. We sincerely hope this inspires more people to become involved and help us beautify our neighborhood! We look forward to hearing from you and working together on this project



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