Our Mission:


We strive to make your neighborhood feel like home.

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Our Mission

We exist to make our neighbors aware of what is going on in our neighborhood. We are working to beautify the entrances by planting flowers and keeping an active Crime Watch. Our civic chair attends the City Council meetings and keeps us up-to-date on all city activities.

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Our Impact

Highland Terrace Neighborhood Association is an all volunteer board. Each member is dedicated to serving their community. Each board member takes on more responsibility than just their “title.” We have one of the largest neighborhoods in Richardson. Our ideal goal is to have 100% of households enrolled as members. The more members we have as an association the more impact and influence we have at City Hall. We need YOU today!



all Volunteer board

Our dedicated board members are completely volunteering their time and love to serve our neighborhood.



Years Serving our community

Highland Terrace Neighborhood Association was established in 1992 to serve this community in Richardson.



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Did you know Highland Terrace is one of the largest neighborhood associations in Richardson? We need you!




These are just a few of our events that we provide throughout the year to promote community. They are a block party type atmosphere and fun for all ages. Come and meet your neighbors and make new friends. To see the upcoming events click the learn more button below.



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Egg Hunt

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July Parade



Pool Parties

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Fall Picnic


October 2014

“ Our family moved to Highland Terrace 4 years ago after purchasing our home from the original owners. The neighborhood boasted older homes full of character, great schools, streets lined with mature trees, and a diverse community of neighbors. "

LaRocca Family HTNA Member



Ways to Get Involved

Here are just a few ways to get involved with your neighborhood! See the steps below to see how you can impact your community.


Join the Association

It is only $15 for each household per year!

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Volunteer opportunities

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